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What is the texture of Freeze Dried Ice Cream as it comes from the can?

Freeze Dried Ice Cream is light and crunchy when it comes out of the can."

Our Freeze Dried Ice Cream comes in Caramel Crunch Flavor

Our Freeze Dried Ice Cream comes in Neapolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, and Ice Cream Sandwiches. Although it would taste really good, we sadly do not sell Caramel Crunch Freeze Dried Ice Cream."

There's no fooling you! the correct answer was NO: we do not sell a Caramel Crunch flavored Freeze Dried Ice cream."

What helps Provident Pantry Hot Cocoa mix store for such a long time?

You were Right! the correct answer is E-b and c: Where you store your hot cocoa and the type of packaging it is in effect its shelf life."

That was a tricky question. The Correct answer is F- b and c: Where you store your hot cocoa (a cool, dry place) and the type of packaging it is in (like a double-enameled can) effects its shelf life."

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